Congress Venue

The Congress will be held in two nearby situated venues – Vilnius Congress Hall and Vilnius University. Both venues are located in the very heart of Vilnius old town and are culturally important to the city.


Vilnius Congress Hall is a monumental multifunctional building where concerts of symphonic and chamber music, operas, and many internationally significant Congresses are held. The main room of Congerss Hall can accommodate 1000 delegates and here will be invited all ICSV delegates for a plenary sessions.



Vilnius University is one of the oldest universities in Central and Eastern Europe and is one of the few universities in Europe which has preserved the original purpose of its buildings since its establishment. Vilnius University is situated in the heart of Vilnius old town and is only few minutes away from the Congress Hall. Well equiped rooms of the university will be perfect for structured and regular sessions of ICSV19.